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By George Streeter, Relationship Coach

Here are three ways to increase your chances of getting a phone number or a date when approaching a woman.

The single best thing to remember when approaching a woman is be in vibrational resonance with her before you speak to her.

Let me paint a picture. You are in a sarcastic and playful mood and you walk up to a perky blonde. She is excited about her sexy new dress, having a great time out with friends, and feeling good.  Whatever the reason, she is happy and you are sarcastic; you are both in two totally different zip codes.

From here there is nothing you can say from your neighborhood to reach her effectively and nothing she can say to you that would reach you from her zip code. From your perspective, her happiness looks a bit fraudulent and from her point of view, your sarcasm feels mean and resentful.

The key is that someone has to change zip codes (shift mood) to get into vibrational frequency with the other.

Switching “zip codes” can happen in an instant when there is mutual physical attraction or some sort of deep connection. When this instant love connection happens both parties become one and speak, talk and radiate on the same frequency.  That type of connection doesn’t happen everyday, most often we miss each other and two people often struggle to make contact with one another.

Here are three tips to get into vibrational frequency with any woman you choose:

1. Know thyself

Check your frequency before you approach.  Look for women that match your current present moment reality.  If you are playful or sarcastic, look for someone who appears to have a cause. If she is in the center of her crew giving a rousing speech. she is supporting a cause. Your playfulness will fit well with her passion and willingness to be less self-absorbed. Playful challenging goes a long way here.

2. Be authentic to your feelings

When you approach a woman don’t try to fake being in an emotional place you are not. Don’t feign seriousness when you are jovial or vice versa. Let your true feelings be expressed. This allows a woman to get a clear read on who you are in that moment.  It’s one thing to know tip 2 “know thyself” and another thing to act from what you know. Whether you are feeling tender, or mischievous, insecure or confident, trusting or suspicious, recognize where you are on your own emotional playing field. A woman is better able to feel you when your inner frequency matches what you show the world. Acting happy when you feel less than happy will feel awkward to you both.

3. If you lock eyes don’t waste time.

This is the adage that you accelerate on a green light. Women say a lot though nonverbal communication. Looking for cues will go along way to making you better at connecting with women. When you think she is checking you out and you see a cue like her locking eyes with you, act on it without wasting time building your courage. That glance was meant for you and your mood of the moment. Don’t change your mood worrying; “just make a move” as Tony Robbins would say.

These simple perspectives will help you appear confident and charismatic in her mind.